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Magento remove compare product block in 404 page

Customize magento 404 page, change 404 page layout, remove compare product ads on 404 page, call product on 404 page, add search form on 404 page.

Go to admin >> CMS >> Pages
Edit “404 Not Found 1” row.

// Inside content tab
you are able to add edit remove 404 page Data.

// Inside Design tab
You can add block (search, call product,contact us, etc) in design tab >> inside “Layout Update XML”.
Change layout of 404 page inside Design tab.

If you want to remoe compare product ads on 404 page. paste below code on “Layout Update XML”

<reference name="right">  
<remove name="catalog.compare.sidebar" /> //remove compare product block
<remove name="wishlist_sidebar" /> //remove wishlist block