Install Magento2 on localhost

we can download magento2 in 3 ways.
1) Direct Download
3) Using GIT

Before install magento2 on localhost, we need to check is our server
fulfill the Magento2 system requirement or not. Check the below link.

<strong>Using Window/Linux operating System without composer:-</strong>

Step1: Download magento from magento website using below url.

Put that zip folder to your root path (/var/www/html/) and unzip it.

Step2: Rename the folder name as per your project name and give the 777 permission of that folder.

Step3: create a db on your local machine.

Step4: Run that url on your local browser
http://localhost/YOURPOJETCNAME/setup/ (On step 2 folder name)

Step5: Now follow your browser steps and install magento2 latest version on your local machine.

NOTE:- If you are installing first time Magento2 on your localhost. I suggest don’t
use composer due to chceck magento2 system requirment either compatible or not.

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